An Unconventional Coffeehouse/Music Venue

REMIX Audio Bar

A high concept coffeehouse/dj dojo/remix lounge that combines the latest DJ and audio technology with high-end third wave coffee, luxury elixirs and food. Located in a comfortable second story room above Marcy Street’s La Lecheria, REMIX is run by Justin Ray, an award-winning Native American community entrepreneur and both a master barista and 25-year veteran professional DJ.


REMIX Audio Bar is a second-story coffeehouse built into the space above Marcy Street’s La Lecheria. Windows peer out over the space, where sink-free bean bag chairs and tables await a steady stream of customers. Guests can listen to music curated by owners and staff or they can opt for the noise-canceling headphones provided and create their own ambient listening experience.

13Pieces and MizzJoolz – an early morning/night owl DJ duo in Santa Fe, NM – is one of the artists featured on the audio bar’s playlists. You can catch the guys spinning all day and night at remix!


REMIX aspires to offer a different kind of coffeehouse experience, one that integrates high-end third-wave artisanal espresso drinks and luxury elixir beverages with DJ and audio production curation. Owner Justin Ray, a Native American community entrepreneur and master barista (as well as 25-year veteran professional DJ), carefully crafts each beverage with third-wave precision, using scales, thermometers, and timers.

Guests can sip their drinks while listening to playlists co-curated by the ownership team and guests on Spotify. A comfortable second-story room above Marcy Street’s La Lecheria, REMIX features 12-inch vinyl cleverly instituted in stools and tables, and sink-free bean bag chairs near the community table.


A block from the Santa Fe Plaza, up a set of stairs above popular ice cream shop La Lecheria sits REMIX, an unconventional coffeehouse/music venue. Owner Justin Ray (known locally as 13 Pieces), a celebrated Native American community entrepreneur and a master barista, has combined his passion for electronic music with the latest in sound technology to create a tailored sensory experience that allows patrons to plug in however they choose.

A small monitor plays curated DJ sets from Santa Fe’s best, while customers can use wireless headphones to listen to recorded playlists curated by the ownership and by patrons. Throughout the comfortable second-story space, windows peer out over Marcy Street and sturdy, sink-free bean bag chairs wait for guests near a welcoming community table. A DJ booth sits in one corner.