Buy and Keep Audiobooks with Audible Credits

Audible Credits

Audible credits are a great way to acquire audiobooks that you own forever. They are primarily included with membership plans, though they can also be purchased separately. The company also offers promotions and deals for members who pay a recurring subscription fee.

In addition, Audible offers free credits to keep customers satisfied. These credits are often offered when a customer is prepared to cancel their subscription or talk to customer service.

You can listen to any book

Audible credits are a great way to purchase audiobooks, and one credit usually equates to an entire book regardless of the price. They are obtained primarily through subscription plans, which include monthly or annual credits as part of the membership fee. They can also be purchased in bulk for a discounted rate. Gift memberships also often come with a specific number of credits, as do some promotions and special offers.

Audible members can also use promo codes to receive free titles. These codes are often offered by Audible authors in order to grow their readership and receive feedback on their work. These codes are redeemed in the Library tab of the Audible app. Using credits wisely is key to expanding your audiobook collection. You should prioritize books that you’re eager to listen to.

You can listen on any device

Audible members are able to listen to audiobooks on any device using the Audible app. It can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices, Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, and Kindles. It has a wide range of listening features, including playlists, book marks, and adjustable playback speed.

Each month, Audible offers members 1 credit with their membership payment. This can be used to buy any audiobook on the site, regardless of its price. The credits are valid for 12 months and can be rolled over.

Audible also allows users to purchase additional credits in bulk. These can be purchased at a discount through special offers and promotions. Additionally, gift memberships often include a number of credits. Cancelling an Audible membership is easy and can be done in just a few steps.

You can return any book

If you are not happy with an audiobook, you can return it within 365 days and get a credit back. You can do this on a computer or mobile device by navigating to your account and selecting “Purchase History” from the menu. This will list all the books you have purchased. You can then select the book you want to return and provide a reason for doing so.

Audible’s returns policy is meant to allow you to try a new narrator or audiobook without risk. However, if you are abusing the system and regularly returning audiobooks, customer service will notice and your account may be suspended. The credits you get back will be reflected in your account right away (though it might take several days for other methods of payment to process). You can then use these credits to buy more audiobooks.

You can buy box sets

Audible is Amazon’s popular audiobook platform. It offers a variety of affordable membership plans, including a free trial. After your trial, you can purchase credits on a monthly basis, or in an annual lump sum. Audible credits can be used to purchase any audiobook in the company’s catalog.

Unlike the Audible Plus catalog, which rotates each month, audiobooks purchased with credits or credit cards are yours to keep forever. Audible also offers special discounts and promotions for members.

Many authors who contribute to the Audible library offer promotional codes to their readers. These can be found on social media or Audible’s website. If you are a member, you can use these promo codes to get one of the audiobooks for free. This is a great way to expand your listening collection!

You can add books to your wishlist

Audible members can add audiobooks to their library with credits, which are a form of currency that is based on the membership plan. The plans include a free 30-day trial and range from $8 to $23 per month. Audible also offers one-credit bundles and other discounts for members.

The good thing about Audible credits is that they are valid whether you continue your monthly subscription or cancel it. Moreover, you can buy a book with your credit or cash – if it’s not what you want to listen to, you can return it.

Adding a title to your wishlist is simple. When you click on a title, you will see two options: “Buy with 1 credit” and “Buy for $X.XX.” This option is available on the Audible website and mobile app.

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