Earn Audible Credits

How to Earn 3 Audible Credits

You can buy additional credits at a discounted price from the Audible website or app. To qualify, you must be an Audible member with one or zero credits left on your account. You can also purchase credit bundles.

Other ways to get credits include participating in Audible challenges and using credit cards that offer rewards. Audible also offers free trials that can give you more audiobook credits.

30-day free trial

Audible offers multiple ways to earn free credits, including purchasing them directly from the company and participating in challenges. In addition to these methods, Audible also periodically provides special deals and promotions that can provide additional credits and audiobook discounts. By staying informed about ongoing promotions, you can maximize your Audible experience.

Another way to earn free credits is to refer friends and family members. When they sign up, Audible will send a small charge to the member’s credit card. Then, after a certain period of time (typically 7-10 days), the charge will drop off. This method is safe and secure, but requires a legal credit card to use.

Lastly, many websites and apps, such as Swagbucks, allow you to exchange your rewards for Audible credits. These credits are worth about PS6 each, and you can usually use them to purchase an audiobook. This is a great way to get new audiobooks without having to spend your own money.

Upgrade your subscription plan

The Audible platform has revolutionized the way people consume audiobooks. It offers a variety of membership tiers that allow users to customize their listening experience. In addition, Audible offers several ways to get free credits and audiobooks. Some of these options include exchanging titles bought with credits, upgrading to a higher subscription plan, and purchasing a membership as a gift.

Audible members can also use their credits to purchase pre-orders of upcoming books. These titles are then delivered to the member’s library once they are available. However, unused credits expire after one year. Audible will notify members when they are nearing the expiration date.

Audible and Amazon offer additional credit bundles to existing members. These offers typically come in three-credit increments and are based on the membership level. To qualify, you must be a paid Audible member for at least 30 days and have a total of zero credits in your account. You may also purchase a lump sum annual plan that provides a bulk amount of credits upfront.


One of the best ways to earn Audible credits is by participating in their challenges. Audible occasionally hosts unique challenges that give members the chance to earn free audiobooks. For example, they ran a challenge in 2020 that gave subscribers $20 of Amazon credit if they finished three books that were at least 3 hours long.

Audible also runs special deals on credits and books that can be used to buy audiobooks. For instance, they often offer 2-for-1 collections of audiobooks for a discounted price. These deals make it easier for users to expand their library without using up all their credits. Moreover, if you are new to Audible, signing up for a free trial may grant you extra credits. In addition, Audible offers credit bundles that help you maximize your credits. Lastly, you can purchase credits directly through the app. This method is simple and convenient and allows you to save money in the long run.

Gifting credits

Audible offers a number of different options for gifting credits to friends and family. These include subscription plans, which offer monthly credits, and one-off credit purchases, which are available during promotional periods. These credit-based audiobooks can be more affordable than the regular prices of a book.

Depending on the plan you choose, you can purchase one, three, six, or twelve credits. The recipient will also receive access to the Plus Catalog feature, which gives them access to a wide selection of new titles and exclusive series. You can either purchase the gift online or in-store.

The Audible gift cards are a great way to give audiobooks to a loved one, even if they already have an Audible account. They are valid for one year from the date of issue, which can be found on the user’s Credit Summary page. Audible also offers an option to buy extra credits, usually in bulk and at a discounted price.

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