Remixing Audio and Creating Duets on Instagram Reels

How to Remix Audio on Instagram

Instagram recently launched a Remix option to compete with TikTok’s popular Duet feature. With Remix, creators can record a video alongside another reel in a split-screen reaction view.

This is great for content creators who create reactions or review videos. To disable remixing of your reels, go to your profile and select the three dots in the bottom right corner.

Remixing Audio

Remixing is a fun and interactive way to create Instagram videos. You can choose from existing Instagram Reels or record your own and edit it to include music, text, stickers, and other video effects. The remix feature also allows you to add voiceovers and run a general touch-up on the audio.

To remix a video, open the Instagram app and select the Reels tab. You can find Reels from your followers or from public accounts. If you want to prevent others from creating Remixes of your videos, you can change your privacy settings or turn off Remixing for individual Reels.

When you remix a video, the original Reel appears on the left side of the screen and your Reel is displayed on the right. You can use all the normal Reel features to add filters, create a timer, align and mix the audio. You can even create a duet with another user by selecting the Remix with this person option.

Recording Audio

After TikTok got bashed from all sides and suffered bans in multiple countries, Instagram has introduced a feature that can compete with the popular video platform – Reels. Reels is a way for users to create short videos that can be posted on their Instagram profile.

To create a Reel, users can choose any existing video on their profile or even a live stream from their phone. They can then add music, text, filters and stickers to the video. Afterwards, they can record their voice and use audio effects to enhance the content.

If a user doesn’t want people to remix their Reels, they can disable the feature from the Privacy Settings menu or by turning it off individually for every Reel they share on their account. In addition to that, Reels can be made more accessible with captions that make them easy to understand on mute. Captions can be created with Clipchamp’s free auto-captioning tool that creates accurate subtitles in global languages and generates a downloadable transcript.

Editing Audio

Instagram’s latest feature is a clear response to TikTok. Reels let any user respond to a video with their own footage, side by side. It’s perfect for comedic reactions, dance collaborations and challenge participation. But small businesses can also use Reels for competitor ad responses, customer reactions and more.

When creating a Reel, you can choose to record audio right in the app. Or you can search the music library to find the perfect track for your Reel. Once you’ve recorded your video, you can add a caption and hashtags and share it.

Reels are automatically enabled for all new Instagram videos from a public account. However, if you don’t want your Reels to be remixed, you can disable it from the three-dot menu for a specific Reel. You can also edit the length of your Reel by tapping the slider icon. You can also choose to share your Reel with your followers, or make it private.

Sharing Audio

Instagram recently introduced Reels which is a TikTok-like feature that allows users to record videos next to another user’s video, creating a collaboration video. This new feature is a great way to add video content to your Instagram feed and reach more people.

Remix is enabled by default and can be disabled in the Privacy Settings tab or for individual reels. When you disable remixing, anyone can still see your Reels and videos but will not be able to remix them.

Remix is an important feature for Instagram because it gives creators and businesses a unique way to engage their audiences by adding fun and engaging video content that can also help build brand awareness. However, it’s important to remember that not everyone is open to having their videos and Reels repurposed so they may want to disable the feature. You can disable remixing for all Reels or individually by tapping on the three-dot menu of a particular Reel.

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