Unique Delivery and Sharp Flows: The Debut Tape by San Pedro Rapper Remble

It’s Remble by Audible Remble

Over the past couple of years, the young San Pedro rapper Remble has built a serious buzz. His cocky nonchalance and eyebrow-raising wordplay instantly grabbed fans’ attention and led to viral memes.

His cadence — deploying SAT words and overenunciating every syllable — makes him sound less like his street-rap peers than an uncommonly uptight adjunct professor. It makes his music harder to dismiss, even if you’ve only heard it in a meme.


The debut tape from San Pedro rapper Remble is a sharp showcase of his unique sound, a blend of tight flows with hilarious one-liners. He stands out from other newcomers in his genre for having a delivery that is clearly articulated yet enunciated to create comic effect.

Throughout IT’S REMBLE, Remble keeps the production sharp with a variety of catchy and dark beats that compliment his over-enunciated style. The project features a crew of crips representing his former street life, with Mozzy and Drakeo the Ruler dropping some impressive verses. Other highlights include “Audible” featuring B.A. and “Firesticc” featuring BlueBucksClan, two tracks that blew up on TikTok.

The track “Audible” is a great example of how Remble’s unique delivery works well with a song that gives him the structure to work with. However, there are a few tracks on the album that seem like filler. Tracks like the lackluster “Ask Madden” fail to deliver the same impact as his sharp flows and humorous one-liners.

Ask Madden

Ask Madden is a song by Remble that is dedicated to the popular football video game series. It showcases Remble’s lyrical ability and creativity, using football-related terms and concepts to convey his message. For instance, he refers to his wide receivers as Randy Moss and Dez Bryant, and compares himself to Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson, two famous quarterbacks known for their running ability.

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It’s Remble

After gaining a loyal following with his high school rhymes, rising San Pedro rapper Remble has finally released his first full-length project. With 13 songs, It’s Remble serves as a great introduction to the artist and his style. Production is handled by a variety of producers, but all cater to Remble’s unique delivery with catchy and dark beats. The project also features a strong roster of guest artists, including Drakeo the Ruler and B.A.

Remble’s vocals are eloquent, and he uses his flow to convey emotion. His style has been compared to that of a TED Talk, and his cadences careen past the ends of phrases. He is funny, too, referencing gang threats and outre jokes with a straight face. He’s bringing a different energy to hip-hop, and it’s clear that he’ll stick around with his distinct style. He’s ready to leave a lasting impression on the industry.


The features on the project aptly represent Remble’s former street life, with a group of crips laying down some of the best verses on the album. Mozzy is the first up on “I Mean It” with an eloquent delivery of his flow that stands out. Drakeo the Ruler’s verse on the rework of “Ruth’s Chris Freestyle” was previously released with a video six months ago, while the songs “Audible” and “Firesticc” feature some back and forth from the Los Angeles duo BlueBucksClan. The album closes out with a track from the legendary Billy West. Stream the project below.

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